For the end-of-term exam, the Fashion Design students created a F/W 2022/2023 capsule collection of around 18 outfits following the style of the Albino Teodoro brand.
After an accurate study of trends and of the brand’s style, with a particular focus on the brand’s iconic garment, the overcoat, the students created the collection starting from the creative research, to the study of shapes and volumes, and of the colors and the fabrics most used by the designer, up to the creation of the final collection.
The final work was assessed by the designer Albino D’Amato, who found the students to be extremely prepared and very professional, also noting that they had managed to complete a project that was consistent with the brand’s style without sacrificing their own creativity.
It was an inspiring and stimulating work for the students, especially because the students knew that Albino himself would be evaluating their projects. It was just like presenting a collection during a job interview, directly to the person who best knows what they are looking for in their garments and what their customers want, and who evaluates both the design and the tailoring aspects.