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The goal of the Shoe Design short course is to train an expert footwear designer, capable of designing any type of shoe: elegant, casual, sporty. The course starts with the study of the basics of anatomy, with particular attention to the foot, and the study of drawing and coloring techniques, before moving on to the analysis of lines, shapes and colors and the design of a footwear collection.
This being a short course, it will not be possible to cover all the subjects in depth: depending on the student’s experience, the teacher will design the most suitable program. If you are a beginner you will focus more on the basic topics, if you are already at a good level you can concentrate on more specific topics.


• Fashion Design
• Anatomical Basis
• Foot Morphology
• Colour Theory
• Rendering Techniques
• Technical Drawing
• Graphical Drawing
• Quick Sketching
• Collection – Portfolio
• Styles and Trends
• Illustration
• Style and Couplings
• Shoes’ planning
• Line, Shape & Colours
• Skins and fabrics
• Alternative materials
• Product’s placement

Total hours: 90
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Registration € 500
Course fee € 1000

Schedule examples:
Duration: 2 months – Weekly lessons: 4
Duration: 1 month – Weekly lessons: 8
Duration: 3 weeks – Weekly lessons: 10

The enrolment fee is to be paid only for the first year, it is not required again for the following years or if the student decides to change or add a course.
All prices include: VAT, teaching materials consisting of squares and books, and fee for the final exam with external commission.

Installment plans are available. For more information please contact [email protected]

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