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Timeless Fashion Show 2023


On Wednesday, June 28th, the Burgo Fashion Institute's end-of-year fashion show returns: as every year, at The Beach in Milan, dresses made entirely by our students from all Italian and international schools will be on the runway. This year's collection is based on the concept of "Timeless”. Nature, being alive, like the hands of a clock, is constantly changing, but it is also timeless: the art, elegance and beauty it conveys to us, despite the events related to the atmosphere and pollution, are timeless. Natural details influence art and fashion [...]

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Fashion Show Pigments 2022


Fashion Show Pigments 2022 After two years, Istituto di Moda Burgo’s end-of-year fashion show is finally back on Thursday June 30th. The show will be dedicated to present the creations of our students not only from the Milan and Rome institutes, but also from all Italian and international schools. The garments, made entirely by our students, will once again be on the catwalk of the Milanese venue The Beach. Pigments is a collection that represents the emotional plurality in the personality and soul of each of us. Each mood is [...]

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Carla Camelo and Anna Grigoryan


Our students Grigoryan Anna and Camelo Carla were recently selected as finalists in the contest "Roma Young Talents". The competition is organized by CNA Roma and Daydream Studio, in collaboration with Altaroma and the contribution of Camera di Commercio. The goal is to enhance the Italian fashion industry by showcasing new and upcoming designers. Our finalists have both won a photoshoot in an exclusive location. The photoshoot took place on the 22nd of  January in Villa Cardinale, near Castelli Romani, with a professional team of models and photographers. The award [...]

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Our student Romy Calzado Celda is one of the five talented fashion designers who were part of the 'Fab Five' project, which gave voice to those BIPOC talents who had previously remained in the shadows. With her collection, she was the protagonist of an article published on Vogue Italia in the October 2021 issue, in which it is explained her academic and working journey, up to the development of her garments. The peculiarity of her creations are the ethnic prints combined with innovative fabrics, including a new denim made of [...]


Happy birthday director


Today, June 24th, 2021, our director Fernando Burgo celebrates his 80th birthday. 2021 is not only an important personal milestone but also a professional one: Istituto di Moda Burgo, founded in 1961, celebrates 60 years of activity. The numerous awards received over the years, including the Ambrogino d'Oro in 2014 and the Stella al Merito Sociale in 2018, have not distracted the director from the goals he has had since the beginning. The training of the student always comes first: it is essential to provide an individual method that allows [...]

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Istituto di Moda Burgo was recently involved in an exclusive project born from the collaboration between Fida and Bulgari, which involved the creation of a capsule collection of seven pieces of jewellery or accessories inspired by the Bulgari brand concept. The fashion design students from Istituto Burgo worked under the supervision of the teacher Silvia Schirru, proving great professionalism and talent. Bulgari then carefully selected the designs created, evaluating them both in terms of illustration and jewellery design, up to the creation of the entire collection, choosing the best works. [...]




For the end-of-term exam, the Fashion Design students created a F/W 2022/2023 capsule collection of around 18 outfits following the style of the Albino Teodoro brand. After an accurate study of trends and of the brand's style, with a particular focus on the brand's iconic garment, the overcoat, the students created the collection starting from the creative research, to the study of shapes and volumes, and of the colors and the fabrics most used by the designer, up to the creation of the final collection. The final work was assessed [...]

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Between January and March 2021, the students of the Fashion Design course had an exceptional teacher: the designer Luca Cantarelli, who followed them on a particular project together with the Fashion Collection teacher Silvia Schirru. The students were asked to choose a brand, for which they would then create a F/W 2022/2023 CAPSULE COLLECTION, choosing between three categories of jewelry: fashion bijoux, fine jewelry and luxury jewelry. The aim was to create five pieces (a bracelet, an earring, a necklace, a ring and a jewelry accessory of their choice), respecting [...]

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Burgo student on Vogue


We are proud of our student Tara Abbassi who was chosen by Vogue Italia to illustrate the most representative outfits of the Paris Fashion Week Haute of Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Armani, Fendi, Couture Spring Summer 2021. Our student Tara Abbasi presents her illustrations for paris haute couture week 2021 on Vogue Italia. "This is just a dream come true... i still can’t believe that my illustrations actually ended up on vogue!!! I’m beyond happy and excited! I wanted to thank everyone at Vogue Italia. specially the amazing and exceptional Italo [...]

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