Haute Couture Embroidery course – fashion school in Rome

The Haute Couture Sewing and Embroidery course is designed for all those who wish to improve their skills in haute couture embroidery techniques, including embroidery using the Lunéville technique.
Once the basic stitches have been mastered, the course moves on to more complex techniques that allow the student to express their artistic vein to the fullest. At the end of the course the student will have the necessary skills to work in a haute couture atelier.

Embroidery work
  • Presentation of the course – historic background
  • Tools
  • The embroidery technique on loom – how to dress the loom
  • Yarns and materials used for embroidery with decorations (Jet, sequin etc.)
    Thread punch stitch
    Grass stitch
    Past stitch
    Short stitch
    Full stitch
    Painting stitch
    Chain stitch
    Knot point
    Steam stitch
    Embroidery with needle (jais, canopies, crystal with and without casting, feathers etc.)
    Use of crochet and microhook

Total hours: 300
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Course fee € 4000
Registration for Italian and EU students € 500
Registration for non-EU students € 1000

Schedule examples:
Duration: 6 months – weekly lessons: 4
Duration: 3 months – weekly lessons: 8

The enrolment fee is to be paid only for the first year, it is not required again for the following years or if the student decides to change or add a course.All prices include: VAT, teaching materials consisting of squares and books, and fee for the final exam with external commission.

Installment plans are available. For more information please contact info@imb.it

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Open Day Rome

16 July @ 09:30 - 16:30

It will be possible to visit the classrooms, you will be able to view the projects of the former students, have a direct meeting with the director Fernando Burgo and the professors to request advice for an orientation on the program most suited to their attitudes and needs, it will also be possible to participate in one or more workshop of your choice.

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