This collection was made by our student:

Davide Sonci (Italy)


“Sensuality” is more than the charm of beauty, it is an abstract and mysterious concept capable of awakening the senses and making you lose your head. It is something extremely subjective viscerally linked to the person to whom it belongs, to his soul. The collection takes inspiration from THREE ICON WOMEN, all characterized by a sensuality as marked as it is different. OPHELIA, female protagonist of the tragedy Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, is the emblem of pure sensuality linked to love lived to the extreme, up to madness. A ROMANTIC & NOIR sensuality that has its maximum expression in the death of the protagonist, who due to unfortunate events, slips into the water and indulges regardless of the weight of her clothes that drag her to the bottom of the river, going out among the flowers by her itself collected. LUCREZIA BORGIA, is the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI and has a life as short as troubled. She is portrayed as a beautiful woman, but also amoral and unscrupulous. On the one hand it is closely linked to RELIGIOSITY, on the other it is remembered as an emblem of the ruthless Machiavellian policy. His is a sexuality as brash as it is dangerous. FRIDA KHALO, called herself the daughter of the Mexican revolution. He lives under the banner of a marked passion that he applies as in the private sector, in his art and in public life, where he does not hesitate to take a hard part in defense of his allies. He experiences an intense, DRAGGING sensuality, full of false moralisms, a cultured sensuality which, in his paintings, translates into the play of SURREALIST symbolism.