The final term exam of the school year inspired our fashion design students with a different project: the creation of a capsule collection of eight gloves and two accessories of their choice (bags, key rings, etc.) for the Portolano brand, a leader in the leather goods sector since 1895.
The creative director of the brand, Marco Pisu, accompanied the girls during the design of the collection, returning to the school after the work was finished as an examiner. It emerged that the students were very professional and that their work met the stylistic expectations of the brand, respecting the trends of the season, and conducting a careful study of the leathers and linings used, for example the cashmere, typical of the brand.
Among the most striking designs are those of Carlotta Spinella and Giulia Tambosco. For her collection Giulia drew inspiration from explorer and nature-loving man, and used carabiners, zips and pockets as key elements. Carlotta designed a collection in which driving gloves represent the feeling of freedom inspired by the pandemic, here in the form of handcuffs, that the world is facing.