Waleska Prieto, born in Venezuela, began her journey into the charming world of fashion in Milan in 2016.

After knowing and appreciating the quality, passion and pride for “made in Italy”, she decides to make her dreams come true and become a stylist.

Thus began her studies at Istituto di Moda Burgo and during her career she immediately distinguished herself for her skills, she was selected for the competition “RMI Competition for Young Stylists” in the underwear and beachwear category and she was the winner.

As the first fashion show, she presents a part of the “Romantic Opulence” collection that combines the romantic aspect, given by the elegance of the Indonesian decorations, with a modern vision of the still life of Flemish painting, without leaving aside the feminine sensuality that characterizes the brand. The result is a sumptuous and elegant style created for a determined woman who does not take herself too seriously.


Waleska Prieto is proud of her craftsmanship techniques and exquisite choice of fabrics.

Femininity, elegance, experimentation and craftsmanship are the keys to her designs.