An interactive platform dedicated to the fashion world, where you can imagine, create, wear and share the piece of clothing born from the emotions. Never tee Stop is the first Social Fashion Lab where all the professionals in the fashion world can interact with each other: fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, photographer, video maker, editor and influencer.
Never Tee Stop focus on users with an innovative proposal of Smart Working and placement in the world of work. An experience that finds its concrete application thanks to the interest of the students of the Fashion Academies: Istituto di Moda Burgo in the two offices of Milan and Rome, IED Rome and IED Milan, the Koefia Academy of Rome, the Italian Academy of Florence, Poliarte Accademia of the fine arts and design of Ancona are the first realities involved in the project. Through a free workshop calendar held personally by the founder of Never Tee Stop Juriy Villanova, the digital platform is illustrated to the students, along with the concept of the project.
“Never Tee Stop – explains the founder Juriy Villanova – works every day to coin a new fashion concept and become an innovative business model of the sector. NtS is all addressed: to fashion roles and also to fashion lover thanks to the development of the App that will expand the possibilities of the platform, but we strongly wanted first of all the collaboration with the Academies because we aim at a high level of quality of NtS LAB “.

NtS LAB is the Virtual Office that offers innovative tools with which everyone can express their idea of fashion and concretely realize the garment he has always dreamed of.
NtS MAGazine is the editorial board of Never tee Stop dedicated to fashion and streetwear editors and contributors: a magazine to learn about trends and curiosities, where you can preview the capsule collections and the fashion designers of Never tee Stop.
NtS STORE is the exclusive and official shop of the platform. The philosophy of Never tee Stop is based on a continuous Social fashion scouting for the preparation of the capsule collection guidelines.

Users are part of a platform that has infinite potential, being a social network that allows them at the same time to act as collaborators. In this sense, fashion roles and fashion lover are users of the opportunities that Never tee Stop offers; and they are also the protagonists of personal and product success. A vertical social network that makes the fragmentation of users between the various social networks, e-commerce and marketplace surmountable. Never tee Stop brings together all the opportunities that are simultaneously developed between them in a single platform.