The association “Tele di Aracne”, in collaboration with Istituto di Moda Burgo, organized the second edition of the national competition for young fashion designers “New Talents for Fashion”, which tooks place on Friday the 18th of August at Arena dello Stretto to the seafront of Reggio Calabria.
The competition was born with the aim of locating and rewarding young fashion designers who want to emerge in the field of fashion, exhibiting their artistic talent through the creation of unique, entirely handmade garments. The designer Biagio Belsito, haute couture teacher and art director at Istituto di Moda Burgo of Milan, has been the event protagonist, guest of exception and member of the jury. During the evening his creations of Haute Couture collection 2017 paraded, including the dress worn by journalist and anchorwoman Marilena Alescio. At the end of the show, the Municipal Administration of Reggio Calabria, in the name of the Director Nicola Paris, paid homage with a plaque Biagio Belsito, for recognition.

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