IMB, the international leader in fashion education, founded by the current director Fernando Burgo in 1961, is also in Rome! In addition to attending the program entirely in Rome, you will be able to attend the 1st school year in Rome and the 2nd school year in Milan or vice versa, or we can arrange a customized attendance.
With the opening in the capital, the Istituto di Moda Burgo continues its mission of spreading and preserving the typical Italian craftsmanship, transferring the skills and secrets of the craft to young students from all over Italy and the world.
A highly qualified and constantly updated teaching staff has the essential task of training full-fledged professional figures and competing internationally.
The most prestigious of the school are the school texts Il Figurino and Il Modellismo, constantly updated and sold all over the world and unique in the field, which represent a further and fundamental support to the didactic activity.
INDIVIDUALITY and PRACTICE are the key words that characterize IMB training. Customized study plans, mainly made up of laboratories, allow you to quickly learn the profession and maximize your time by leveraging the potential of each student.
The IMB Roma fashion professional courses will officially begin on Monday, September 4, 2017. You can also choose to attend a one-year school in Rome and one in Milan.
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