A few days before the fashion show at the Istituto di Moda Burgo students, a reminder of the 2017 edition, which has enchanted everyone present.

It was in fact with a splendid “Voyage des Fleurs” that the students of the school of Milan and of the other Italian and foreign offices wanted to greet the 2017/2018 school year. Following this creative thread, the young talents created, with the help of the faculty members, the leaders who synthesized perfectly the marriage between East and West. And so, in front of a prestigious parterre, they presented dresses of brilliant originality and varied influences. It has gone from the hints of street-style and punk to the reinterpretation of geisha style from the Hollywood imaginary of the ’30s; from eccentric volumes to linear cuts.
A succession of creations able to enchant the viewer, making him immerse in a hypnotic and dreamy mood. All unique pieces, made with care in every detail, with an excellent sartorial quality.
And now the curiosity to discover the new collection is growing, at the next fashion show to be held on June 28th in Milan, at The Beach.