IMB Summer Courses curriculum is wide and varied and provides students a summary overview of the entire Institute educational training.
Suitable for beginners and also for professionals, summer courses are addressed to all those who wish to approach the “Made in Italy” fashion or who seek a specialization.

Change direction to your summer, make it a time of experimentation and personal enrichment and spend the month of July at Istituto di Moda Burgo.
Choose between:

• Fashion Design – Design Techniques and Collection
• Pattern Making – Dressmaking and Pattern Making Techniques
• Fashion Stylist (Fashion Design + Pattern Making) for a view of both subjects in a short time.

If you want you can also choose a specialization:

• Fashion Design
Woman, Man, Children, Jewelry, Shoes, Underwear, Accessories, Beachwear, Theatre Costume, Wedding Dress.
• Pattern Making
Woman, Man, Children, Underwear, Beachwear, Theatre Costume, Wedding Dress.

Available dates:
• 3-27 July 2017 (100 or 50 hours)
• 3-14 July 2017 (50 hours)
• 10-21 July 2017 (50 hours)
• 17-27 July 2017 (50 hours)

Many visits to museums, monuments and guided tours of the city are planned after classes thanks to the Social Program in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan.