Between January and March 2021, the students of the Fashion Design course had an exceptional teacher: the designer Luca Cantarelli, who followed them on a particular project together with the Fashion Collection teacher Silvia Schirru. The students were asked to choose a brand, for which they would then create a F/W 2022/2023 CAPSULE COLLECTION, choosing between three categories of jewelry: fashion bijoux, fine jewelry and luxury jewelry.

The aim was to create five pieces (a bracelet, an earring, a necklace, a ring and a jewelry accessory of their choice), respecting the DNA of the chosen brand and the chosen type of jewelry, without sacrificing their own personality and individuality. The latter was perceived as one of the most difficult challenges in creating this project.

For many of the students, it was the first confrontation with an experience similar to those they will have to face once they graduate and enter the world of work: they followed all the steps for the creation of the portfolio, starting from the research (brand, images and themes), passing through the creation of the sketches and then coloring the drawings only once they have been approved. Each pupil chose which technique to work with, whether manual or digital with graphics programs (Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop).

This experience was important and useful on several levels: as already mentioned, it was useful from the point of view of integration into the world of work, but also as a personal growth experience for the aspiring fashion designers. In fact, they were able to approach the difficult reality of jewelry design in depth, perhaps discovering a particular talent or a new passion.

The final exam was assessed by the Web Fashion Editor of Vogue Italia, Italo Pantano, who viewed the students’ work, highlighting its qualities but also offering constructive criticism and advise that the students found useful and motivating.