On Tuesday, October 15, Istituto Burgo students took part in the presentation of the Spring-Summer 2021 trends organized by Milano Unica, the largest textile and high-end accessories fair that presented the event at Fabbrica Orobia in Milan, proposing the first symposium on the theme of sustainability in the creative sphere.

“Gen Z _ Gen future: Culture Tribe 5.0” is the title chosen almost in code.
Gen Z is the abbreviation for “Generation Z”, that is the name that sociologists and psychologists have given to the generation of digital natives, the “Millennials” posts. So the generation of the future (Gen future), the first that has used the internet through technology since its birth (5.0). It is the perpetually connected generation, which lives every kind of relationship and experience on the net.
It is also a “sustainable” generation, more sensitive to environmental issues, rather it is the one who gave birth to the green feeling.
A feeling that Milano Unica also shares in presenting trends.
Hence the idea of ​​combining the future with the past, the 5.0 technology with aesthetic and content peculiarities of some tribes from the north to the south of the world, to define a creative and cultural synthesis that relates juvenile aesthetics with tribal sensibilities, reported within 3 landmarks, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Papua New Guinea.
Thus the 3 trends for spring-summer 2021 were born.

1. TROPICAL RAVE IN MEXICO CITY: mixes the Mexican rituality with the tropical techno music of rave parties.

2. INDIAN CHILL OUT IN L.A .: memories made of spices and maharaja riches with a passion for waves and the liberating energy of surfing. In this theme the style is decorative, sophisticated with vegan world colors and peaks of ambient rock transgression.

3. BRITISH CLUBBING IN PAPUA: suggests an ideal comparison between the craftsmanship of the people of the fire and the sartorial tradition typical of English clubs. Comfort and elegance connect and the hybridization between hi-tech fabrics and raw natural fibers underlines the importance of researching materials.

Glad to participate, Istituto Burgo students were able to admire the fabrics and prints of future trends by touching quality first-hand and admiring their futuristic colors and prints.
The institute, founded sixty years ago by Fernando Burgo, now has several locations and partnerships abroad but continues to be 100% Made in Italy and students have always been encouraged to constantly research and propose new trends.

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