Exclusive partnership: IMB and IDA

Fernando Burgo, CEO and founder of Istituto di Moda Burgo (IMB), announced the brand new partnership with International Design Academy (IDA) based in Jabalpur (India). IDA will be authorized to organise training courses using Burgo teaching method all around India.
For 60 years IMB has been working to provide their students with the tools they need to develop their creativity and their aspirations, bringing their passion for work and their unique method all around the world, to gain an increasingly international approach (with branches in Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Peru, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Armenia, Malaysia, Kosovo, Albania, Qatar).
The partnership with IDA was born from the synergy between director Stefano Burgo and CEO Batul Ali, who found a common vision for the spreading of made in Italy fashion teaching. The interaction between the two cultures will be promoted thanks to exchange programs and projects open to all the schools using the Burgo method.
IDA students will have the opportunity to be in close contact with the study programs created by professionals in the field who will help them to improve their ideas and their creativity and to enter the world of fashion design. IDA teachers will be in constant contact with Istituto Burgo’s teachers and administration to ensure a close and continue collaboration, with continuing education which will guarantee the best competence possible straight from Milan, the world capital of fashion.
At the end of their studies in India, IDA students can pursue their studies with the master programs offered in Milan.

IMB website www.imb.it

IDA website https://ida-edu.co.in/

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