Saturday, November 12, at the Sala Alessi of Palazzo Marino, was held the award ceremony of the Regional Association Pugliesi for “Ambassador of Puglia lands”, XI edition, on the occasion of Excellence event in Puglia.
Fernando Burgo, originally from Mesagne (Brindisi) and director of the renowned Istituto di Moda Burgo Milan, received the award on the Councillor Labour policies, Productive Activities, Commerce and Human Resources, Cristina Tajani, “for the originality and didactic impression for the efficient organizational structure of its schools, forges of talents in the field of couture creations of fashion in the world “.

Fernando Burgo during the thanks to the jury, the audience and the Regional Association Pugliesi, reminds us how important nowadays invest in practical training consists of workshops and what is equally important to give way to each individual student through personalized study plans, which allow a fast learning of the profession and a maximization of the time, taking advantage of the potential of each student. This approach allows new graduates to immediately enter the world of work, as only direct and concrete experience can transmit the necessary tools and skills required by the industry.

Here are the other winners for 2016 Edition:
Giovanni Barbara, Economics and Finance Expert
“For the legal and financial competence expressed in the many roles of responsibility”

Angelo Maria Perrino, Director of Affari Italiani
“Example of an innovative and pleasing fruition journalism made acumen and professionalism, valuable witness and narrator of the cultures of the lands of Puglia”

Francesco Pugliese, CEO and Managing Director of Conad
“For the constant commitment with dedication and professionalism to spread the typical products linked to culinary and cultural traditions of the Italian regions exporting beyond national borders the love for their homeland.”

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