This collection was created by our student:
Lucrezia Franchioli

FALL/WINTER 2020/2021

“Light is the origin of everything: from the moment it strikes the surface of things it outlines its profiles and producing the shadows behind the objects, it captures its depth.
Light, in its scientific sense, is defined as the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye, but the term light also takes on another meaning that completely deviates from the merely scientific definition to fall within the spiritual sphere, the light is considered to be the essence of space. ”


The collection is inspired by the different shades of color that light gives to the architecture of an urban landscape, also painting games of shadows and chiaroscuro.
Following a search for outlined geometric shapes, I decided to set a stylistic path based on the various nuances deriving from sunlight.
In fact, thanks to a study on how brightness evolves and transforms urban planning in the autumn and winter seasons, I have examined and extracted different shades of color, which are
been applied to the different clothes of the collection.
Consequently, contemporary architecture has been a key point for the development and realization of my research, since, thanks to it, it is possible to reflect the numerous games of
amplitudes, the strong straight lines and the dynamic movements that light generates in its daily life path.


BRAND: Lucrezia Franchioli

COLLECTION: Urban shades of light

THEME: Shades, reflections and shadows of light

TARGET: 20-45 year old woman

RANGE: medium high

SEASONALITY: Fall / Winter 2020-2021

LIFE CYCLE OF THE PRODUCT: Standard, at the end of the collection it is replaced with another collection


MATERIALS: invisible zip, lining, buttons, internal snap buttons, adhesive canvas

NUMBER OF MODELS: 18 proposals divided into: 9 autumn and 9 winter

COLORS TABLE: 17-1501 TPX Wild Dove/ 13-0002 TPX White Sand/ 14-4115 TPX Cashmere Blue/ 14-1307 TPX Rose Dust/ 12-1107 TPX Pink Champagne/ 14-0846 TPX Yolk Yellow/ 15-1523 TPX Shrimp/ 16-1539 TPX Coral/ 19-4006 TPX Caviar/ 11-0601 TPX Bright White

FABRICS TABLE: Flanella di lana, Taffeta Seta, Rete in neoprene, Raso in viscosa, Crepe Satin elasticizzato,Taffeta di viscosa, Cady di lana, Doppio Crepe di lana


Special thanks to my teacher Eleonora Dimasi for her indispensable advice and for the knowledge transmitted throughout the journey.