This collection was made by our student:

Camille Pfister (France)



The autumn / winter 2012 collection represents all the complexity and the dark side of the female character. The spring / summer 2012 collection instead emphasizes its sweetness and mental peace. So there are two lines of inspiration that underline this enigmatic nature: “Russian Ballets”, colors and “Floral Textures”. The choice of clothes is inspired by Diaghilev’s “Russian Ballets”. The customs of the company were linked to oriental art inspired by Russian tales and futurism.

As in the previous collection, my clothes describe a woman who wants to show off her personality in the way of dressing. The clothes of the outfits are classic but at the same time refined and comfortable. All female ambivalence represented in a collection. The harem pants, the sultans’ skirts, the curtains, and the abundance of pearls converted the universe. The colors range from a range of pastel colors to one of bright colors. The prints are reminiscent of the spotted petals of flowers and pistils.

Trend studies and fashion agencies announce a romantic and soft spring / summer 2013 with light colors such as blue, lavender and flesh-colored. The shadows and shaded prints. The shoes will be pointed and flesh-colored. The bags with pearly or mandarin colors. So my collection includes three styles that represent each season: the ballet trend, the Russian trend and the floral trend.


TARGET: 17/35 years

COLOR RANGE: desert pink, light cornflower blue, lilac, apricot, mimosa, violet, vanilla
FABRICS: leather, wool, hemp, silk, laminated fabric, Milan jersey, stretch fabric, jersey, organza, chiffon.
DISTRIBUTION: Europe, shops,
LIFE CYCLE: 6 months
OUTFIT: 45 23 dresses, 2 leotards, 15 jackets, 10 tops, 5 skirts, 2 sweatshirts, 1 wedding dress
PRICE RANGE: Dresses: € 90 – € 100 Body: € 250 – € 600 Coats: € 500 – € 2700 Top: € 250 – € 1300 Skirts: € 350 – € 1700 Sweatshirts: € 1900 – € 3700
MATERIALS: lining, cotton yarn, silk yarn, pearl buttons, buttons, ribbon, glass beads, crochet yarn, invisible zippers, zippers, removable zippers, padding, elastic bands

Working hours -> MODEL: 3h 90 €
FABRIC: 1h 30 €
ASSEMBLY: 20h 200 €
ZIP: € 4
STRAP: € 15
PRICE: € 744