This collection was made by our student:

Heresh Vaga (South Africa )

Heresh Vaga

108 thousand years ago, within the golden Galaxy in the Kingdom of Qharmaksetre, Candrani was born, a beautiful baby boy who during the baptism ceremony, the high priest appointed warrior prince. Then as usual, at the tender age of 5 years the young prince was assigned a “protector” guardian named Bodhini. That he had an obligation to protect and guide him throughout his life. Bodhini, son of the royal merchant, was intelligent and with a strong personality.
Both were immediately sent into military combat, in particular preparing for combat with mystical weapons. The 2 became inseparable in fact they were no longer “the Prince” and “the guardian” were brothers, friends and companions. The Prince became an expert in mantra combat: by uttering only a whisper he could kill his rival. Bodhini instead could fire his arrows with his bare hands enough to reduce his opponent to ashes, both were therefore known for their courage. During the battle in the “Milk Ocean” between demons and demigods to obtain the nectar of immortality, the Prince and Bodhini fought strenuously in the name of the Sun God with vigor and precision but the prince was killed by 3 silver arrows. With great remorse, Bodhini failed in his duty to protect him. Everyone in the Kingdom of Qharmaksetre mourned the death of the prince, in particular Bodhini who not only lost his Prince but also his best friend, a brother and what he considered his soul mate. As a condemnation for not having fulfilled his duty, the Sun God forced Bodhini to accompany the Prince on the cremation pyre, to be burned alive in his honor, thus accompanying him to the afterlife. However, out of compassion shortly before the rite, the Queen ordered Bodhini to go into exile and never to return to the Kingdom again.
So it was sixteen young virgins who took Bodhini’s place on the cremation pyre. The orders of the Sun God were not carried out, so the funeral rites remained incomplete and the spirit of the Prince did not surpass the afterlife. His spirit was so enclosed in an immaculate diamond that he was placed in the Kingdom of Sabbiamo. After 140 years, the diamond was found by the Spiritual Sage named Gandivo, during his pilgrimage to the Universe. Gandivo immediately sensed that an energy was encapsulated in that diamond and used his mystical powers to transform the spirit of the Prince into a small child to whom he gave the name “Diamond born from the sands of the desert”. The boy was blessed by the King and Queen of Sabbiamo. Like the year before, the Prince grew up in the body of a handsome boy, with the usual feeling of being alone but one night in a dream he remembered his past: his tutor, the moments with his friend, in which they joked like brothers and his loved one … it was Bodhini that he wanted.
He now patiently waits to meet again with his friend, hoping that if not in this life, in the afterlife. These are the adventures of the Prince of the Desert trapped in the sands of time. This is the legend of the Prince of the desert, whose name is …


The color card of my collection is “rich” in various tones: desert sand tones with colors that recall iridescent sunsets, tones that recall almond, melon, pistachio, coffee, caramel, strawberry and burgundy and the ash gray. All fabrics are soft, breathable and precious. I used silk (shantung), Ben Ares silk with gold decorations and silk chiffon. When you wear the clothes from my collection, you should feel regal. All fabrics are beautiful, natural and of superior quality, so they are exorbitant and with an excellent price ranging from 10 euros to 30 euros per meter and the origins are: Italian, Indian and South African. In the presentation of my collection I wanted to “take care” of every single item. I used a range of wood, I decorated various buttons, I used tassels but what completes every garment I created is my extravagance.